Jill's- A Place for Nails
"To provide the best possible nail care with gracious service in a relaxing environment."
Nails are a passion here at Jill's - A Place for Nails!  This is not the usual assembly line-style nail salon that you see on every corner. If you're looking for a friendly, clean, hygienically safe place to get your nails beautified, then you need to be at Jill's!  

If you're a nail biter in search of nail enhancements that actually stay on, look great, & feel natural, please don't give up! Jill has safe methods of creating custom-made sculpted nails, because sometimes the "1 size fits all" glued on plastic tips just won't work. 

To schedule an appointment: 270-799-3637 (call or TEXT)  jnails1@hotmail.com

                 Severe nail biter wearing Pink & White sculpted acrylic nails! 

Nothing is more satisfying than transforming your hands & feet, previously considered a source of embarrassment, into beautiful works of art. Bring out those sandals & get ready to wear your jewelry again, now that your fingers & toes look gorgeous!


Pedicures are also a specialty & you will thoroughly enjoy them in a private atmosphere. With over 26+ years of experience, Jill can treat you to a relaxing "paraffin pedicure" that not only is more sanitary than those jetted pedicure tubs, but is also more hydrating as well!



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